Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

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Today is the day the world says goodbye to an innovator, visionary, and a great businessman–Steve Jobs.   He needs no introduction, as he is already known by everyone. This isn’t a post on what Steve Jobs has done, but how he has impacted me.

Steve Jobs
My first interaction with an Apple Computer was in kindergarten, where our classroom had Macintosh. As I continued through my school years, I was transitioned to Microsoft Windows. But every once-in-awhile, I had the chance to use an Original iMac. Although I grew up on Windows, I chose to purchase a White MacBook for my first computer for graduation.
As a Computer Engineer, I expect I will study the legacy Jobs’ will leave behind. Below is his 2005 Stanford Commencement Address which I have listened to numerous times because of the great words Jobs shared with the graduates and the world.
Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Thank You Steve Jobs.
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Google+: Favorites and Suggestions

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Five days ago I got my invite to Google+ and have been enjoying it from the beginning. I have, however, found some things that I would like to be added or changed, but before I dive into the list I want to share some things I like about Google+.

Following doesn’t have to be mutual

Like Twitter, I can choose to follow whoever I want without that person needing to approve our “friendship”. This also solves the friend page vs. fan page problem that well known people have on Facebook where they don’t want (can’t) to become friends with all of their followers due to limitations and the need for some privacy.


I have the ability to easily share information with everyone on the web, my high school friends, or just my family. Yes, all of this could be done in Facebook using lists but it is a second step in the friending process. In Google+, in order to follow a person you must put them into a circle, making this the first step in the process.

Now on to the changes I would like to see.

The Stream: order of posts

Currently, the stream updates with posts that have recently been commented on. This needs to be updated to show posts in chronological order by default and there should be an option to see the list has it is now. This would be similar to what Facebook has now with its “Top News” and “Most Recent”. What I am suggesting would be mostly like Most Recent and the current display would be Top News.

To get around posts that constantly bubble to the top, there is a feature that lets you “Mute” posts. I have been using this as a “Mark as read” button to avoid seeing the same posts multiple times.

The Stream: circles in feeds

Right now, the Stream shows posts by everyone in your circles. This would be ok if everyone you followed shares items less than five times in a day, but when following popular and high tech users your stream becomes overran. Currently, you can select just one circle to view at one time but you can’t select multiple. If there was an option to display “all circles but…” or to just display circles “a, b, and d” this would solve the problem.

To get around this, a user could click through, one by one, all of the circles they want to see from the sidebar.

Hangouts: limit of 10

Currently hangouts are limited to a maximum of 10 people chatting and using video. This is a problem when hangouts are posted publicly and a rush of a hundred people trying to get in to talk to the well-known person hosting the hangout. I understand that one hundred people can’t stream video into a chat room, but if there was a limit of 10 people with video and the rest could watch/listen and participate in the chat room. When someone, who is streaming video, leaves the hangout the next person inline would be able to start his or her video.

Google+ includes other features (Sparks, Huddle, Instant Upload) I have yet to use but can’t wait to try them out.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Follow me on Google+.

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Google+: The Pros & Cons

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Google+ Logo

Earlier this week Google released their take on a social network, Google+ in limited preview. Although I wasn’t in the original group, I managed to get get an invite from Meitar Moscovitz on twitter and have been loving it ever since. Want an invite (when available), send an email to

Yesterday, Mashable writer Ben Parr took a poll on Google+ regarding the Pros and Cons. I gave him some feedback and made it into the article he published earlier today. There are many Pros and Cons to Google+, so I suggest you go and check out Ben’s article.

Click the photo below to view the article and follow me on Google+.

The night Osama bin Laden died

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Tonight while studying for my Math 255, Vector Calculus II, course I started seeing posts regarding a live broadcast by President Obama scheduled for 7:30 pm (PST). This caught my attention, as most breaking news stories do, so I started looking further into what he may be announcing.

I turned off Pandora turned on CNN for some background noise on the subject. If President Obama was going to speak, CNN would definitely be talking about it. At around 7:45 pm (PST), CNN reported Osama bin Laden had been killed an this is what the announcement would be about.

As the night continued, more and more conformation was coming from various news sources confirming the announcement of Osama’s death. My primary news source was Twitter. Around 8:30 pm (PST), Obama spoke to the nation and world, telling us of Osama’s death and the events leading up to it. (Video below)

During this announcement, I was reminded of two things: the families who were affected by the September 11, 2001 tragedies and the men and women who fight day in and day out protecting our freedom. I have no idea how it must have felt on 9/11 to have your family and friends die in the World Trade Center collapse. My heart goes out to you. To the soldiers, thank you for what you do. Protecting our freedom and fighting for our country is a tireless job and you do it with pride and honor.

I wrote this post as a memory of todays occurrences as I saw them unfold. This is a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. The announcement by President Obama is below.


Benefits of Written Communication

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This is my first post for my #postaday2011 / #postaweek2011 series. For more information about this visit DailyPost

So here is today’s question Do you prefer to talk, text message, or a different communication method?

I prefer to text, email, or any other form of written communication. It’s not that I don’t enjoy talking to other people, it is easier to form thoughts and change the wording to say what I want to say. These forms of written communication allow people to multitask or communicate without being disruptive. In addition, I am kind of a shy person and find it easier to express myself when I write it. Now it is your turn, Do you prefer to talk, text message, or a different communication method?

Here is my first post, will you join me?

Facebook delete’s wall posts regarding its’ privacy issues – How to delete facebook

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(Cross-posted from My Tech News Blog)

News surfaced this morning that Facebook is deleting wall posts that question Facebook’s privacy policy. KNOI radio in Mount Vernon, Texas posted on their site this morning that their Facebook page had been disabled after posting messages in response to Facebook privacy policies.

“Today after posting messages in response to Facebook discussions regarding Facebook’s new Privacy policies I awoke this morning to find our Facebook page disabled without explanation.” – Station CEO Leo Ashcraft

According to Ashcraft the following links were posted on the Facebook page before it was disabled:

After hearing about this, Leo Laporte began a test on his weekend talk show – The Tech Guy by having listeners post a link to a WikiHow article on How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account looking to see if those posts would also be deleted. After a three hour test, most posts stayed up – including my own – but some people in the TWiT chat-room did report that their posts were being removed.

Leo deleted all of his Facebook accounts on May 12, 2010 during the recording of This Week in Google. The video can be found below

After hearing the news, Robert Scoble posted a blog post on his site Facebook we have a problem where Elliot Schrage, VP Communications and Public Policy at Facebook responded in the comment section of the post. Scoble also received an email from Facebook CEo, Mark Zuckerburg, regarding this issue. Zuckerburg’s email is posted on Scoble’s site When do you throw a CEO’s privacy under the bus?.

I look forward to finding out how Facebook is going to handle its’ privacy issues.

If you want to check your Facebook privacy Reclaim Privacy has an excellent javascript bookmarklet that scans your privacy settings and suggest changes. Visit their site for information on how use the bookmarklet.