The night Osama bin Laden died

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Tonight while studying for my Math 255, Vector Calculus II, course I started seeing posts regarding a live broadcast by President Obama scheduled for 7:30 pm (PST). This caught my attention, as most breaking news stories do, so I started looking further into what he may be announcing.

I turned off Pandora turned on CNN for some background noise on the subject. If President Obama was going to speak, CNN would definitely be talking about it. At around 7:45 pm (PST), CNN reported Osama bin Laden had been killed an this is what the announcement would be about.

As the night continued, more and more conformation was coming from various news sources confirming the announcement of Osama’s death. My primary news source was Twitter. Around 8:30 pm (PST), Obama spoke to the nation and world, telling us of Osama’s death and the events leading up to it. (Video below)

During this announcement, I was reminded of two things: the families who were affected by the September 11, 2001 tragedies and the men and women who fight day in and day out protecting our freedom. I have no idea how it must have felt on 9/11 to have your family and friends die in the World Trade Center collapse. My heart goes out to you. To the soldiers, thank you for what you do. Protecting our freedom and fighting for our country is a tireless job and you do it with pride and honor.

I wrote this post as a memory of todays occurrences as I saw them unfold. This is a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. The announcement by President Obama is below.