Facebook delete’s wall posts regarding its’ privacy issues – How to delete facebook

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News surfaced this morning that Facebook is deleting wall posts that question Facebook’s privacy policy. KNOI radio in Mount Vernon, Texas posted on their site this morning that their Facebook page had been disabled after posting messages in response to Facebook privacy policies.

“Today after posting messages in response to Facebook discussions regarding Facebook’s new Privacy policies I awoke this morning to find our Facebook page disabled without explanation.” – Station CEO Leo Ashcraft

According to Ashcraft the following links were posted on the Facebook page before it was disabled:

After hearing about this, Leo Laporte began a test on his weekend talk show – The Tech Guy by having listeners post a link to a WikiHow article on How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account looking to see if those posts would also be deleted. After a three hour test, most posts stayed up – including my own – but some people in the TWiT chat-room did report that their posts were being removed.

Leo deleted all of his Facebook accounts on May 12, 2010 during the recording of This Week in Google. The video can be found below
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_y7mMlKgjY&hl=en_US&fs=1&rel=0]

After hearing the news, Robert Scoble posted a blog post on his site Facebook we have a problem where Elliot Schrage, VP Communications and Public Policy at Facebook responded in the comment section of the post. Scoble also received an email from Facebook CEo, Mark Zuckerburg, regarding this issue. Zuckerburg’s email is posted on Scoble’s site When do you throw a CEO’s privacy under the bus?.

I look forward to finding out how Facebook is going to handle its’ privacy issues.

If you want to check your Facebook privacy Reclaim Privacy has an excellent javascript bookmarklet that scans your privacy settings and suggest changes. Visit their site for information on how use the bookmarklet.