Allen Alley for Governor of Oregon

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Allen Alley is running for Oregon Governor and could really use your help. Please follow him on Twitter at, on Facebook at, on YouTube at

Also please take a moment to watch the following three videos. More information can be found at



Free Trip to Washington DC!!!

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Oregon Trail Electric is once again sponsoring 4 students (one from each region they serve) on an all expenses paid trip to Washington DC June 11-18, 2010 as part of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s (NRECA) Youth Tour program. I was selected to attend in June of 2008 and absolutely loved the experience. 

If you are selected to attend this trip, there is a chance that you could be selected to represent Oregon on the Youth Leadership Council for the NRECA–another free trip to Washington DC in July and a free trip to Atlanta. I represented Oregon from June 2008 to June 2009 and absolutely loved it.

Even if you are not selected to represent Oregon, the experiences you will have while in Washington DC will be ones you will never forget. You will meet potentially lifelong friends and the chaperones are a blast to be around. Last year Union did not have anyone apply and this made me very sad, because Union (Rebecca Maxwell and I) held the position of Oregon representative for 2 years in a row! I would like a Union student to once again attend the Youth Tour.

More information can be found at . The application can also be found at and is  due January 20, 2010. There is one essay question–“Explain why you should be selected and what you expect to learn on the trip.” There is also a couple of short answer/resume type of questions!

This can be an experience of a lifetime and hope that none of you will pass it up. If you have any questions, PLEASE via email, call, text, facebook, myspace, etc. I am here to help! You can also check out OTECC’s facebook page at (original link)

2009 In Review

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Lets reflect back on the year…

January- I brought in 2009 with Ally, Taylor, Brittany, and Jordann playing Wii and watching people sing karaoke. (Redneck Woman, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun). The rest of January was pretty normal–school, homework, FBLA, etc.
February- FBLA really started to get busy this month. The regional competition went well and the Union competed very well. I was also busy competing in the Virtual Business Challenge competition. Finally, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s Annual Meeting was upon me and I got to hang out with  my YLC friends again!!! I had an awesome time in New Orleans and can’t wait to see the YLC again!!! I was lucky enough to spend my 18th birthday in New Orleans with the YLC and even got my picture taken with American Idol Season 7 runner-up Brooke White.
March- I was also super busy with FBLA this month preparing for the State Business Leadership Conference in April. The best part of March is SPRING BREAK!!!
April- April was even busier then March. FBLA SBLC was during the second week and then it was time to start preparing for nationals. Union also competed very well at SBLC.
May- WOW!!! The last month of my high school career. This was spent like most other months but I also spent a lot of time trying to get ready for graduation and college. FBLA NLC fundraising went wild this month and helped raise a lot of money for the members.
June- Even though I had graduated, I was still busy with High School things. The UHS baseball team was doing AWESOME in the state competition and made it all of the way to the championship game. I also showed at my final Eastern Oregon Livestock Show. The time had finally come to fly to Anaheim, CA and compete at the FBLA National Leadership Conference. I competed in Word Processing II and was also selected to intern in Conference Headquarters. Union didn’t win in any of the competitions but we all had an awesome time at Disneyland and Universal Studios–we even rode in a stretch Hummer limo. NLC Day 1, Day 2, Days 3-6.
July- High School and FBLA had finally come to an end. I was now in that awkward stage between high school and college. I worked for a few weeks at Blue Mountain Seed and attended START orientation for Oregon State University. July was pretty boring.
August- Life was pretty boring and I spent most of the time getting ready for college. I helped Taylor get FBLA ready for the upcoming school year.
September- I continued helping Union FBLA get started. I moved to Corvallis on the 20 and started orientation week. Classes started on the 28th.
October- Halloween. Classes were in full swing. I attended the home football games and started to really enjoy college. I ran for Wilson Hall Council president and didn’t get it but did get webmaster/historian. I went home for the first time over halloween.
November- Classes, homework, hangout with friends. This is pretty much all November was. Dad came down for Dad’s Weekend and went to the Washington Huskies vs Oregon State football game. I went home for Thanksgiving to spend time with family.
December- After getting back from Thanksgiving there was two weeks of school left–Week 10 and Finals week. I spent most of this time preparing for finals and couldn’t wait to get back home. I went back home on the 11. Christmas break was long and I really enjoyed it. Spent Christmas Day at Aunt Debbie and Uncle Denise’s house. New Years Eve was again spent at Ally’s house.
Lets look toward an AWESOME 2010 (that is twenty-ten)!
p.s. Thanks Kylie for the idea of this blog.