Youth Opinion Matters!

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To the editor

I am appalled to think that a councilor-elect could justify telling two high school students who are trying to get more involved with the city to “shut up.” Monday, December 8, I attended Union’s City Council meeting to start getting more involved with city projects and city government. During the executive session that night, I was asked by a fellow citizen how I would interpret “freedom of speech” versus “freedom of opinion” in regards to a petition that had been presented in October. I began to share my thoughts on the subject with this citizen what I thought when I was rudely interrupted by councilor-elect Doug Osburn. Osburn went on to tell me that what I say doesn’t matter until I am 18. Other students have been trying to get more involved with city projects and government but have chosen not to continue because they are being rejected by the adults. The attitude that the adult citizens have toward the youth citizens prevents the youth from getting involved. I want the citizens of Union to ponder this question: “Is this the type of person you want making decisions for our town?”

Steven Crader

Union High School Senior